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5 steps to recover from your worst goodbyes!


5 steps to recover from your worst goodbyes!

Goodbyes are the hardest when you’ve been having exceptionally good time. But even harder is getting used to eventual situation. When flashes of past keep haunting your present. When all you want is to abandon today for a glimpse of yesterday.

Coping up is not as easy as it sounds but it isn’t impossible either. First and foremost accept. Accept your present state of affairs as is. It is what you have to deal with so why not deal it with your own satisfaction.

Second thing to do is to distract yourself from harsh reality. Think about what’s next rather than reliving painful memories. Surrender the thoughts as soon as you find yourself inching towards them and figure out your future.

Third, Routine. Prioritize your routine as to ways which benefit you the most now that you have abundance of times at hand. Check your schedule and add the activities that you always wanted to do but didn’t have time for. Watch those movies, read that book, play that sport, grab those habits which you missed before.

Fourth, try to keep yourself happy. Smile when free to induce feeling of contentment‚Äč. Look for the silver lining in worst of events. Engage in activities which provide you a sense of pleasure.

And last, fifth, Excel at task or work which you do. Put your energies in achieving success at your workplace. Make most of opportunities. Do your best to seek fruitful results. Your efforts won’t go in vain and you’ll realize that maybe ‘that goodbye’ did you good.

Once you’re done with these 5 steps, I’d like to congratulate you as you have officially moved on from your hard goodbye. Wasn’t that difficult, was it?


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