Causes of Excessive Thirst

5 Possible Causes of Excessive Thirst

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Inorder for the bodily functions to conduct their daily routine work, water is very essential. When your body is running low on water that is when you will feel thirsty. During summer, it is very normal to feel thirsty often. However, without any physical exercise or climatic conditions, if you feel thirsty often it could indicate some other health issues such as :
• Dehydration
• Diabetes
• Diabetes Insipidus
• Dry mouth
• Anemia


Dehydration is very common. It just refers that the body does not have sufficient amount of water to carry out its normal daily activities, thus resulting in excessive thirst. Dehydration can also be indicated by other signs such as dark colored urine, dry mouth, dry skin, tiredness, headache, lack of urinating, etc.


According to medical terms, when no matter how much of water you consume, your thirst could not be controlled, it is commonly called as Polynesia. This is the main symptom of diabetes. When a person has diabetes due to the lack of usage of hormone insulin, accumulation of glucose in the body occurs. Glucose is the major reason for excessive thirst. Diabetes can also be indicated by other signs such as blurred vision, tiredness, frequent hunger, slow healing of cuts and wounds, etc.

Diabetes Insipidus

Diabetes Insipidus is no way related to diabetes. According to medical terms, diabetes insipidus is a medical condition that occurs only when the body is not able to secrete the hormone insulin which causes the kidneys to perform more. The major symptom of diabetes insipidus is excessive thirst. The other common symptoms are dehydration, dry mouth and frequent urination.

Dry mouth

During summer, it is common that your mouth feels dry. However if it occurs frequently, it is because of the lack of secretion of saliva from the glands in the mouth. This may be due to the intake of medications or other medical treatments or excessive use of tobacco. The symptoms of dry mouth are bad breath, change in taste, irritated gums, thick saliva, trouble chewing, sticking of lipstick to the teeth.


According to medical terms, anemia is a medical condition where the human body does not have sufficient amount of healthy red blood cells. Anemia can occur during birth or may be due to other reasons such as diseases, poor diet or heavy bleeding in the later part of life. However, one will not feel excessively thirsty in mild anemia but if conditions become severe, one will face the symptom of excessive thirst.
These are the five major causes of excessive thirst.

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