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5 Facts To Know About Transgender Kids.


5 Facts To Know About Transgender Kids.

India is famous for its diversity. There are people of almost every sort. The ones who are open to almost everything, and those who strongly believe that values which are given to us should be conserved.

Thus when it comes to the topics like Gay, Lesbians or Transgenders a controversy is expected, sometimes to levels, that people often restrain them to say what they actually feel. Adults or grownups may keep it balanced, play it along and act in the particular way as society wants them to be, but children are different.

They are innocent and very fragile, and constant suppression and fear of rejection may harm them more than we can imagine.

Thus if you feel your child is different or could be a transgender, your responsibility increases, so read here and try to understand them better.

They are not happy with their assigned sex.
If a kid is constantly complaining that they are not the one, they are meant to be, listen to them. Take them seriously and try to understand them better. Your support may make it clear to them what is actually going on with them. Otherwise, children are too scared to express what they feel, so if they are expressing, see the fact that your kid is comfortable around you.

They don’t feel safe.
If a kid is not comfortable with what they are assigned. They may find it hard to express and feel difficulty in other things too. This may make them silent and it may lead to bully. They can become an easy target for other children, just because they are a bit different, so it our duty to keep them safe.

The transition process is different for everyone.
Every kid is different and so is their transition process. Not everyone may accept is soon, not everyone may wait till later. We need to understand and help them better.

More likely to feel depression, frustration and suicidal
They might not understand whats going on with them and can express their dissatisfaction with their body and the private part, and can constantly feel embarrassed or frustrated about it. This might lead them to depression or worst suicide. Keep a close look.

If you will treat your child as the society, who will treat them as parents. Try to understand them, today the scenarios are changing and we should make them confident enough to accept and express themselves freely.

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