5 Effective Treatments For Keratosis Pilaris

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Keratosis pilaris is a very common skin disorder affecting people of all ages. Keratosis pilaris is a benign condition that is characterized by numerous small, rough, red, or tan bumps primarily around hair follicles on the upper arms, legs, buttocks, and sometimes cheeks. Keratosis pilaris creates a “goose bumps,” “gooseflesh,” or “chicken skin” appearance. Keratosis pilaris may be cosmetically displeasing, but it is medically entirely harmless. Keratosis pilaris is common in otherwise healthy people.

What you eat can play a part in your skin’s inflammation levels, which can worsen or trigger conditions like chicken skin. It is recommended to stay away from dairy products if you’re prone to keratosis pilaris, as well as eating a fresh diet that hydrates skin from the inside out. Foods rich in omega-3s are essential for moisturization and healthy skin cell function. This includes walnuts, flaxseeds, salmon, tuna, sardines, and soybeans. Leafy greens are also always good to get in for overall skin health and function, adds Austin.

2.  Coconut oil skin rub
2 Tbsp coconut oil
2 Tbsp granulated sugar/brown sugar
You can use coconut oil in place of olive oil. It may be semisolid as you make a paste with the sugar but melts into a liquid with the heat from the skin. Rub on with a circular motion before or after a bath. Wipe off and rinse with water.

Coconut oil has anti-inflammatory properties that make it ideal for sensitive skin. It gets almost completely absorbed into the skin, so rinsing with plain water to remove the sugar crystals should be sufficient.

Besan is an excellent cleansing and exfoliating agent. Take some besan and mix it with a little milk to form a thick paste. Smear the paste all over the face, arms and other affected areas and leave it to dry. When the paste is quite dry rub it off from the skin with a little gentle pressure. The paste will come off with all the dead skin cells. Rinse with warm water. Your skin will become smooth and soft and stay well moisturized throughout the day. Use this remedy twice daily.

4. Vitamin A/retinol
1-2 capsules of Vitamin A
Vitamin A and its derivative retinol have proven skin benefits, especially in the treatment of acne. They can help remedy keratosis pilaris too, by regulating keratin production and preventing the follicles from getting plugged with dead cells. Vitamin A can reduce inflammation in case of keratosis pilaris Rubra face.

Apply the contents of the Vitamin A capsules (such as these), rubbing it in with the fingertips. Wash off after 10-15 minutes. Avoid going out in the sun when you are using Vitamin A or retinol. They make the skin highly photosensitive.

It is essential to keep yourself well hydrated all the time. Drink plenty of water throughout the day.Water will not only help to flush out the toxins from the body but it will also keep your skin moist and well hydrated. You can also include fresh fruit juices in your daily diet. The nutrients and flavonoids present in the juices will keep the skin well nourished and free from bumps.


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