Common Exercises For Working Women.

5 Common Exercises For Working Women.

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Here are the five most common exercises for working women:

  • Upright Row
  • Lat pull down
  • Leg press
  • Slouching on cardio machines
  • Squats on smith machines


In the case of upright row, when it is done with a cable bar you should raise the cable weight up till the shoulder level and not till the chin. If it is pulled till the chin level it will tear up the muscle fiber and cause severe muscle damages. In the case of lat pull down, most of them pull it behind them whereas it should be only pulled in front till it touches your breast bone and your back posture should straight upright. When this type of exercise is not done properly it will cause severe shoulder injury and muscle tear. In the case of leg press, the degrees of angle of the knees are kept wrongly most of the times. People generally cramp their knees which will lead to ligament tearing or severe knee problems. The legs must be positioned in a 90 degrees angle bent from the knee. In the case of cardio machines, people tend to slouch on the cardio machines which will lead to severe spinal damages. People also hold the handles very tightly which will reduce the blood circulation level in the hands. In the case of squats, people will always keep their feet at front of their bodies which is wrong. People should keep their feet in line with their body and also their back posture should be straight upright. When this exercise is done improperly, it will lead to severe spinal problems.


Women of this century should maintain their weight in order to have a healthy and balanced lifestyle. Concentrating solely on career goals and neglecting their health will lead to health problems in the future. Therefore, working women should include exercise in their daily routine to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

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