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How to get people to like you 101


How to get people to like you 101

Now-a-days it is all about likes and comments and shares or in simple words the need to be liked. What people don’t understand is that it is not only achievable by social media presence but real life presence as well. There are some traits which appeal more to people in order to like someone. Here are simple 5 steps to be followed which can make you more likable as a person.

  1. Smile: When you see someone smile. Smile as often as you can. It might just be what somebody wants to see. A smile is first thing that makes people comfortable enough to talk to you. Nobody wants to friends with a grumpy face.

2. Greet/Good vibes: Greet people when you see them or put in a good word. Something as simple as ‘you look good today’ can work wonders. Radiate good vibes. Always proceed to talk to someone with a positive attitude.

3. Talk about them: Don’t start right away with yourself. Ask them about their interests first and make them feel like you want to talk to them and it isn’t just a formality. But talk. Establish a connection through common hobbies, likes and dislikes. Identify with them.

4. Listen: Listen attentively when they talk or are telling you something. It makes them feel good when you remember small details about themselves. Also, respond according to their conversation, ask questions. It means you are paying attention.

5. Be Honest: Be honest about yourselves because nobody likes pretence and fake people. Nobody wants to be friends with someone who is something to their face but something entirely different otherwise. Being honest doesn’t mean telling someone everything but not making up stuff.

These are ways to make anyone like you, even a stranger. Practice these with everyone, with people you already know and with new ones you meet. Soon enough everyone will like you.

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