Myths About Reading.

These Points Will Break All Your Myths About Reading.

Posted by - October 31, 2017

I recognize that some people don’t read the books for multiple reasons, so I’m going to try and make those reasons non-existent with a few tips: 1. Funds. Now I know people would rather pay for a movie ticket than have to pay for the entire collection of the book series so what I suggest

Concentration Camps

Facts About Concentration Camps, That Will Make You Think.

Posted by - October 31, 2017

Facts about Concentration Camps, that will make you think. We all know that the Holocaust was a dark time in history, but you may not have realized just how dark it really was. Did you know that during the Evian Conference in France, Hitler offered to hand over all the “Jewish criminals” to any country

Meet The Top 10 Halloween Of The Day.

Posted by - October 30, 2017

Halloween or Hallowe’en also know as Allhalloween is a celebration day in many countries on 31st Oct. It is said that Halloween festival originated from ancient Celtic harvest festival.  Halloween celebration includes trick or treating, attending Hallowe’en costume parties. We spotted lots of celebrities wearing different Hallowe’en costumes this week. Today let’s check out the

Top Indian Web Series

Top Indian Web Series, You Shouldn’t Really Miss Watching.

Posted by - October 30, 2017

1. Pitchers. The Viral Fever’s (TVF) web series Pitchers, which was launched in 2015 on the company’s YouTube channel as well as their official TVF Play website, has gathered much acclaim, so much so it has made it into IMDB’s top 250 tv series list. The series follows the lives of four young professionals who

The Catacombs Paris France

Strange Places On Earth, You Wouldn’t Want To Miss.

Posted by - October 30, 2017

The Catacombs, Paris, France. The deeply creepy catacombs are a network of old quarry tunnels beneath Paris and the final resting place of around six million Parisians. Most are anonymous, skulls and bones taken from the city’s overcrowded graveyards during the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries; it wasn’t until the authorities realized its potential as a


Do You Know These Facts About Delhi? Know Your Capital City Delhi Better!

Posted by - October 30, 2017

# Delhi’s population is 1.68 crore, which is greater than many nations including Iceland, Maldives, Luxembourg, Bhutan, Estonia, Swaziland, Fiji, Cyprus, and much more. # Delhi is one of the most visited cities in India, thanks to these popular tourist attractions, Red Fort, Lotus Temple, India Gate, Rashtrapati Bhavan, Qutb Minar, Akshardham, Jama Masjid, Lodi Gardens,


Want a whole new experience? Work with these NGOs and you won’t be disappointed.

Posted by - October 30, 2017

Our study reveals that the NGO sector has emerged as a competitive employer and offers meaningful and attractive opportunities for the talent market. Organisations in this sector, in fact, are quite ahead of the corporate sector in terms of providing a positive and engaging employee experience to their people. Many of the Non-Government Organisations (especially

How To Make Extra Money Easily

Want to make some easy money? Read here how to do so?

Posted by - October 30, 2017

Sell second-hand course books. One great way to make money is to buy other students’ text books at the end of the year, and then sell them just after freshers’ week – when the new intake of students know that they need them!You can either advertise on campus or list them online very easily on

How To Treat Depresion

How to treat Depression? Read Here!

Posted by - October 30, 2017

Learn as much as you can about your depression. It’s important to determine whether your depression symptoms are due to an underlying medical condition. If so, that condition will need to be treated first. The severity of your depression is also a factor. The more severe the depression, the more intensive the treatment you’re likely

Treat dandruff with these easy methods.

Treat Dandruff With These Easy Methods

Posted by - October 30, 2017

Aspirin. Crush the aspirin tablets and add the powder to a bowl. Mix a little amount of your regular shampoo with the powder. Shampoo, as usual, using this mixture. Leave the shampoo on your hair for two minutes, after which you can rinse with water. When You Need To Do This In the morning, while