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20 The Most Awkward Fan And Celebrity Encounters


20 The Most Awkward Fan And Celebrity Encounters

I have come to know with my experience, that every person is crazy on a certain level. It doesn’t matter if it’s a celebrity or a fan. Sometimes, the craziness cancels the craziness. But sometimes, it jumps to the top most level of the craziness and lands somewhere near about the disastrous reactions from people around.

Here are the most awkward fan and celebrity encounters that will make you go… What. Was. That?

At least let him know before clicking a pic with him.

What the hell this guy is trying to do in public?

Britney, is this guy scaring you?

Okay. Take your hands off my waist now. It’s enough.

Hugh Grant is like, “Are you done? Let me go!”

Are you trying to be real Superman by wearing that T-shirt under your formal shirt? Not impressed.

Can someone take Kanye out of there? He’s actually stuck.

The frozen face because you know you will cry after meeting your childhood superhero.

What’s the fun? I am so done with this roar pose.

A failed peck on the lips, landing somewhere near lips.

Okay. Yeah, I know you are my fan. Now let me go!

Give me your autograph here. Close to my heart and man boobs.

Oh God! They are full. I can feel them.

Umm… can’t keep your hands to yourself, Beiber?

Why is Beiber trying to make this pic a sensual one?

I am sure now that Beiber is interested in everything except for a decent pic with his fans.

That’s what you get when you try to kiss Will Smith. Remember, he’s a bad boy.

John Stewart has some other important things to say than Peace.

Peter Andre! What’s happening there?

I will post because I know you want to have a candid pic of me.

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