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13 reasons why you’ll never forget your school days!


13 reasons why you’ll never forget your school days!

School Days were the most precious days. But we don’t realize this until we graduate from school. In school, we just keep on wishing for it to end. Here are 13 things all of us did in school time.

  1. Eating lunch before recess and then asking other friends for their lunchboxes.
  2. Waiting for sports period and keep on playing in the playground after the period is over with a plan to tell your teacher that nobody heard the bell ring.
  3. Singing ‘Good Morning Ma’am/Sir’ and ‘The Light has gone-The light has come.’ **Yes *embarrassed* we used to sing the latter in my school**
  4. Copying friends’s homework just the period before one in which it has to submitted. 
  5. Teasing your friend by name of their crush and insulting them in front of their crush.
  6. Taking part in annual functions so as to skip classes in the name of rehearsals. 
  7. The nicknames you had for the teachers and your friends.
  8. Mixing random chemicals to see what happens in chemistry lab. 
  9. The parties before vacations, on birthdays, on children’s day. Celebrating friendship days and counting who got the maximum number of bands.
  10. Passing notes in class because you were not allowed to talk. 
  11. Doodling on last page of notebooks, on blackboards, on benches, on walls in washrooms. 
  12. Hitting classmates with erasers and blaming someone else.
  13. Wondering on whom the fan will fall in case of an earthquake or how you’d save all the people in school if a terrorist attack occurred.

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