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11 Illustration Which Gives You Sad Reality Of Today’s World.


11 Illustration Which Gives You Sad Reality Of Today’s World.

As people getting modern and changing their views on everything, we are facing some major sad back and social moral issue with that.

Here I am going to saw you few illustrations which helps you to know that how bad this world is going to be.

You can denied from this fact that, In today’s time money is most important than any realtionship

There is no difference between Human and Dog now. Why I am saying this you can see your self here below

Trust and humanity factors are totally disappeared from the word. There is one famouse line in hindi which suits perfectly on today’s people’s. “Baap bda na bhaiya Sabse bada rupiya”.

I don’t have any words to explain below given pictures . It’s looks like just any other image but it’s reality fact in today’s time.

Now you don’t need to be prisnor because you already locked your everything in you Mobile.

Even helping people’s also only a show off kind of things. There is nothing left which you can do without any purpose.
You have thousands friends in online world but you don’t have to time to talk with your lovely one in reality.

Ya ofcourse you will not able to find poverty because everyday you crush them with your power and money.

There is one who is doing it for entertainment but at the same time other one is going far from there family for their indeed.

No one cares how many poor people’s die untill and unless those don’t comes in the media’s headline.

You have not did anything if you did not take selfie while doing the things.

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