Tips To Loose Weight After 40

10 Tips To Loose Weight After 40

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Keeping your body fit is the best medicine you can give for your body. It does not mean that if you are getting older, it is considered as the ticket to get fatter. We should understand clearly that in our young age, it is easy to lose weight just by including occasional exercise activities in our daily routine. However, as our age increases, the metabolic rate decreases which cause severe weight gain. The most common reason why women after the age of 40 gain excessive weight is because of hormonal changes due to menopause. Here are the ten tips to lose weight after forty.

Tip 1: Maintaining a fitness journal

We normally keep a journal for preserving our memories but it is also a great tool for maintaining your weight loss. In this fitness journal, the following things should be updated every day such as:

  • Amount of intake of calories for each meal.
  • Amount of water intake per day
  • Exercise time
  • Amount of calories burnt

Tip 2: Daily walk

Losing weight is always a hectic thing for people of any age. Hence, the first step to achieve your ideal weight at the age of forty or more is by adding daily walk to your routine. This will help to burn more calories and will also help to reduce the possibility of hip fracture, osteoporosis and joint problems.

Tip 3: Adding omega 3 to your diet

It is medically proved that omega 3 helps to lose weight and will also keep the body healthy. Women over the age of 40 should eat omega 3 rich foods such as salmon, tuna.

Tip 4: Increase the intake of fiber in your diet

Women above the age of forty undergo hormonal changes which is the main reason for weight gain but this can be reduced with the increase of amount of fiber intake in your diet. The best suggested high fiber foods are barley, oranges, bananas, avocados, etc.

Tip 5: Reduce the intake of sweetness

In the recent medical research, it has been found that artificial sweetness increases weight gain. Hence instead of that, use jaggery in your diet.

Tip 6: Swimming

Swimming is one of the best exercises to reduce around 500 calories per hour. Hence, it is highly recommended for people of age forty or more.

Tip 7: Adding green tea to your diet

Green tea increases the rate of fat burn to twelve percent higher. Hence it is highly recommended for effective weight loss after the age of 40.

Tip 8: Increase of Calcium intake

According to recent research, women of age 40 or more can lose eleven pounds of body fat due to the increase of calcium intake.

Tip 9: Opting for organic food

In recent studies, it has been found that the use of pesticides on vegetables increases weight gain and leads to thyroid issues. Hence, women of age forty or more can opt for organic food.

Tip 10: Consume more water

The increase of water intake helps to burn the fats faster. Hence, it is highly recommended to consume more water.

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