10 Tips To Boost Metabolism In Your Body

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 All the chemical reactions that occur in our body daily are related to the body’s metabolism. When we speak about metabolism the key term associated with it is “Metabolic Rate”. Metabolic rate refers to the amount of calories that are burnt every day. Hence, in this article we will be discussing about ten tips to boost one’s metabolism in the body.

  1. Consume plenty of protein every meal –Consuming more protein can boost your metabolism so that one can burn more calories and makes one to consume less.
  1. Drink more cold water- Drinking cold water may increase the calorie burning effect because the body uses energy to heat it up to body temperature.
  1. Do a high intensity workout –Mixing up one’s exercise routine and adding in a few high intensity workouts can boost your metabolism and aids in burning one’s fat.
  1. Lift heavy things – Lifting weights is essential for building and retaining muscles. Higher amounts of muscle play a pivotal role in resulting in a higher metabolism.
  1. Stand up more – Sitting down for a long time burns few calories and is not good for health. Therefore, one should stand up more and burn more calories.
  1. Drink green tea or oolong tea – Drinking green tea or oolong tea is good for losing and maintaining one’s weight and plays a major role in increasing one’s metabolism. These teas can help one to lose weight.
  1. Consume spicy foods – The capsaicin present in peppers is a substance that boosts your metabolism and aids in maintaining a healthy weight for every individual.
  1. Get a good night’s sleep – Inadequate sleep is associated with an increase in the risk of obesity. Lack of sleep can reduce the amount of calories one burns, change the way one processes sugar, and disrupt the appetite regulating hormones.
  1. Drink coffee –Research has shown that the caffeine in coffee can boost one’s metabolism by 3 to 11 percent. It stimulates the fat burning process like green tea. One study shows that coffee has increased fat burning by 29% for lean women and only 10% for obese women. Therefore, drinking coffee can significantly increase one’s metabolism and helps one to lose weight.
  1. Replace cooking fats with coconut oil – The medium chain fats present in coconut oil can increase one’s metabolism more than the long chain fats found in foods like butter.  Research shows that medium chain fats increased metabolism by 12% compared to long chain fats which increased it only by 4%. Therefore, replacing cooking fats with coconut oil aids in boosting one’s metabolism rate.
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