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10 Interesting Facts About Mobile Phones


10 Interesting Facts About Mobile Phones

  1. Is your mobile phone always neat & clean ?? Research proved that it has 18 x more bacteria than handles in toilet !
  2. In 2012 Apple sold more than 3 lakh 40 thousand iPhones per day, statistically @ 4 per second !
  3. Do you find the computing power of today’s mobile phone lesser when a new model is released? Then it must be noted that it is more than the total computers used for the Apollo 11 to land on the moon!
  4. Want to use mobile phones in shower too?? Then Japan is the right place for you as 90 percent of mobile phones in Japan are waterproof because youngsters are addicted to use them in the bathroom too !
  5. Can you believe that you can also charge your phone by using your pee (urine).Yukk ? Yes, it’s possible, scientists have developed the technology !
  6. In year 1983, first mobile phones were sold for at whopping price of $4,000 each in the USA which translates close to Rs. 2.5 lakh today !
  7. The first mobile phone call was made on model “DynaTAC” on April 4, 1973 by a Former Motorola inventor Martin Cooper !
  8. If you were an owner of iconic Nokia 1100 handsets then be proud as since its launch in late 2003, over 250 million have been sold, crowning it as the world’s best selling phone and the best selling consumer electronics device.
  9. Flushed your phone in toilet drain? Not to worry.. the 1,00,000 British people drop their mobile phones every year down into the toilet.
  10. Watch out guys if you suffer from nomophobia or a fear of being without your mobile phone.The dependency has become so intense that scientists have even developed a set of questions that can determine if you suffer from it !

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